Tamil Nadu State AIDS Control Society


TANSACS has been using available technology for both internal and external communications.

TANSACS has internal ‘WhatsApp group’ at different levels to have quick official communications. This facilitates active work flow at the filed level benefiting the end users to avail optimal services from an array of various service delivery points of TANSACS across the state.

HIV / AIDS awareness & education is very imperative and needs to be done on a regular basis so as to reach out to the general public.

TANSACS uses available user-friendly and widely used mobile / computer applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc,. to reach out to the general public with Information, Education and Communication (IEC) about HIV / AIDS.

IEC awareness messages are conveyed as memes so as to attract the attention of the general public through these social media. Also using these widely used mobile / computer applications facilitates mass reach in a cost effective manner. A complete mobile application about various services of TANSACS is also available free of cost for the general public in ‘google play store’, called Iyyam Thavir.