Tamil Nadu State AIDS Control Society

M&E and Surveillance

Startegic Information Management System(SIMS)

SIMS Strategic Information Management System (SIMS), an integrated web-based reporting and data management system SIMS was successfully rolled out from September 15th 2011 in Tamil Nadu. SIMS captures monthly programme monitoring data and manages over 2600 users across the state for various components of HIV/AIDS Control Programme. SIMS has made real time data entry & access to the user. The online Data Item Report is available for analysis and evidence based action, timely corrective measures for programme managers and policy makers which help in monitoring at the grass root level.

Enhancement of SIMS Reporting Capabilities

A library of pre-generated and downloadable Excel files - Standard Reports are developed in SIMS for ICTC, Blood Bank, STI and TI formats at State and RU level. The library is expanded to meet the demands of the various divisions. It is proposed to develop graphical and analytical reports in SIMS.

Data Sharing

NACO has developed policy and guidelines that regulate sharing of data to external institutions/Organisations/Researchers. The data requests are processed as per the guidelines and data provided accordingly.


Capacity Building

Strengthening the capacity of field level staff at various levels in analyzing data and making better use of it in decision making is central to the National HIV/AIDS Control programme and this is being takenup by TANSACS from time to time. DPM and other DAPCU staff are periodically told about the importance of validation of data, timely and consistent reporting to SIMS. Refresher training programsare being organized at district level through DAPCU.

HIV Sentinel Surveillance (HSS)

HSS has been conducted in alternate years. It has been conducted in ANC (Antenatal case) and High Risk Group (HRG). National Institute of Epidemiology (NIE) is the Regional Institute for HSS. Sentinel surveillance provides essential information to understand the trends and dynamics of HIV epidemic among different risk groups in the country.

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