Tamil Nadu State AIDS Control Society

IT Application

S.No. Name Of Application Brief Description
1 Strategic Information Management System - (SIMS)
(Note: Open link in Internet Explorer)http://sims.naco.gov.in)
SIMS is a web-based reporting and data management system launched in August 2008 to replace CMIS to strengthen the M&E systems at each level. SIMS captures monthly programme monitoring data and manages over 30,000 users across the country for various components of HIV/AIDS Control Programme. SIMS has made real time data entry & access to the user. The online Data Item Report is available for analysis and evidence based action, timely corrective measures for programme managers and policy makers which help in monitoring at the grass root level.
2 PL-HIV ART Linkage System - (PALS)
PALS is a web-based application intended to capture details of HIV+ pregnant women from ICTC centers and monitor the progress of the mother and the child for a period of 2 years.
3 Inventory Management System - (IMS)
IMS is an IT application developed to strengthen the Supply Chain Management System of NACO on real time basis. It captures data related to Procurement of Drugs and Consumables at NACO / SACS / ART Centre level. IMS is used for Drug Dispensation to PLHA patients from over 528 ART centers across the country.
4 Migrant Service Delivery System - (MSDS) MSDS is a web application that captures data regarding High Risk Migrants from Targeted Intervention Projects. The revised Migrant Strategy of NACP IV focused on a Source-Transit-Destination linked approach for migrant programme, to be implemented across high migration corridors. Enhancing the evidence and designing innovative interventions tailored to the dynamics of migrant populations, including the typologies that influence their vulnerability became the cornerstone of NACP IV.
5 HIV Sensitive Social Protection Portal - (HSSP)
HSSP Portal is a searchable database on social welfare schemes relevant to Most at Risk Populations (MARPs) and People Living with HIV (PLHIV). This portal is Social Protection Help Desk at the district level to facilitate increased uptake of the schemes by the infected and affected communities.
6 India HIV/AIDS Resource Center - (IHRC)
IHRC is a one-stop point web site for resource material and is an e-library having the digital copies of Publications. The migration of this application to Cloud has to be initiated after identifying & getting support from the development supporting partner.
S.No. Name Of Application Brief Description
1 Supply Chain Management System (SCM)
This SCM software in layman language will give a clear cut idea on
• how many people got tested at one facility,
• how many kits were used,
• number of positivity and the profile of the clients tested like ANC, HRG, General Clients
On the whole, state level officials at TANSACS, will know what and which services have been provided on any particular day at any given point of time, across the state, on one click.
Since stock-outs at health facilities can result in treatment interruption that can quickly lead to viral resistance or missed opportunities for diagnosis, Project Director of TANSACS has come out with a sustainable solution of developing an user-friendly supply chain management system to manage the supply of STI, HIV and AIDS commodities and ensure an uninterrupted supply in the state. This in-house developed supply chain management system is launched in Feb 2016 and after a month’s time of trial period is in operation from March 2016.
Detailed software : Webpage link
2 Iyyam Thavir Mobile APP Basic Information of all programme and GPS capture all facilities in the state.
3 Blood Bank Mobile Application and Web portal Development process is in progress