Tamil Nadu State AIDS Control Society

Orphan & Vulnerable Children (O.V.C) scheme

Tamil Nadu Trust for the Children Affected by HIV / AIDS (TNTCAA),TANSACS

The State of TamilNadu is the pioneer state in the country to implement a scheme exclusively for the HIV infected and affected children by establishing a trust in the name of “TamilNadu trust for the children affected by HV/AIDS” (TNTCAA).

The State Government of TamilNadu has provided Rs.10.00 crore of corpus funds to financial assistance and implement this scheme to the orphan and vulnerable children’s living with & affected by HIV/AIDS for improving their Nutritional, Educational and Medical assistances.

During this financial year (2017 -18), nearly 3594 children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS has been financially supported directly to the savings account of these children at the district level, so as to ensure that the benefit directly reaches the needy children without any mediation and this will go a long way in helping them for a better life.