Tamil Nadu State AIDS Control Society

Greater Involvement of People Living With HIV/AIDS (GIPA)

NACP III has envisaged the building of experience already gained by strengthening the organizations of PLHIVs at National / State / District Level and promoting GIPA through sensitizing the implementing agencies (Government, Public, Private Sectors and Civil Society) so as to create an enabling environment for enhanced involvement of PLHIVs and affected people in all the HIV/AIDS related programme activities.

TANSACS has facilitated maximum involvement of partnership with PLHIV Networks and other stakeholders towards creating an enabling environment by addressing issues of stigma, discrimination, legal and ethical concerns of the PLHIVs. The PLHIVs have now organized themselves into Networks / Formal and informal organizations, groups at the National and State level, in some cases district and sub district levels.

As on Dec -2017, nearly 38 District Level Networks (DLNs) are active in providing continuum care and support services to the PLHIVs at the district level.