Tamil Nadu State AIDS Control Society

Welcome to Tamil Nadu State AIDS Control Society

Tamil Nadu State AIDS project cell was formed in 1993 and in 1994, it has been registered as a Society under the Societies act, as Tamil Nadu State AIDS Control Society (TANSACS), the first of its kind for the nation. The State Health Secretary is the President of the Society and an IAS officer is the Member Secretary and Project Director of the Society.

TANSACS fully funded by the National AIDS Control Organization (NACO) which is a division of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of the Central Government of India. The Programs of TANSACS are governed by the guidelines of National AIDS Control Program (NACP), which is in its fourth phase. At the district level the programs and oversight to the interventions are provided by the District AIDS Prevention Control Units (DAPCU).

The Program components of TANSACS are:

1.Intensifying and consolidating the prevention services with focus on HRG and vulnerable groups,

2.Expanding the information, education and communication (IEC) services,

3.Provision of comprehensive care,support and treatment services,

4.Strengthening institutional capacity and strategic information management systems.

These program components are effectively implemented by the various divisions of TANSACS like, basic services, STI, Blood transfusion services, IEC, targeted intervention, mainstreaming and lab services. Strategic support is provided by the USAID – FHI 360 Supported Technical Support Unit.

TANSACS, since its establishment, has pioneered many successful projects through its innovative approaches and joint partnerships with various stake holders. Over the years TANSACS has successfully reduced the prevalence of HIV in the state [0.83 in 2003, 0.35 in 2008 and 0.27 in 2017 among antenatal mothers which is a proxy indicator for general population prevalence] and this was possible because of the tremendous support provided by both State and Central Governments. The OVC Trust for Orphan and Vulnerable Children, Transgender Welfare Society, are standing examples for the commitment from the state government in this regard.

TANSACS manages the prevention to care continuum of services through its wide network of 780 integrated counselling and testing centres (ICTC), 1367 facility integrated counselling and testing centres (FICTC), 156 designated STI/RTI clinics, 288 Blood banks, 55 Anti-retroviral therapy (ART) centres and 174 Link ART centres, 72 targeted intervention projects and 15 link workers scheme, a HIV prevention initiative at rural level.

TANSACS is marching towards the national goal of zero new infections, zero stigma and zero HIV related deaths, with a series of innovative initiatives, like usage of a popular FM radio for awareness, development of a mobile app to bridge awareness with access to services, an user-friendly supply chain management system coupled with extensive data analysis, evidence based block level intensive interventions. Special focus in being given to bring ‘zero’ new infection through parent to child transmission mode in the state through sustained awareness and prevention strategies among the antenatal mothers and the general public.



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